Can We Really Have it All?

Can You Have It All?Today’s story on Story Day here at Mindset Daily comes to us from Sue Dickinson and speaks about that yearning question a lot of people have of ‘Can we have it all’? Be sure to listen to the story using the replay link below.

There are those that associate having it all as having things. Things like cars, houses, a great job or career, etc. But these are just things and they could be gone in a heart beat. You could lose your job tomorrow and then the house, the cars, etc. So if that’s the case how can you have it all?

I think we can have it all. And as Sue Dickinson talked about in her story, we need to have a different definition of what ‘have it all’ means that’s not based only on possessions.

You Can Have It All

As we go through life our definition of having it all will change and will depend on our individual circumstances. But if we base our definition of ‘it all’ on faith in ourselves, love, and respect for others, we stand a better chance of being able to have it all. And most of us probably already have it all and don’t even realize it.

Sure being able to live a certain life style is important and something that everyone wants. But if all you have are possessions and don’t have that faith, love and respect, do you really have it all? You will find that without the personal growth that these things give, you will be left with a void in your soul. An emptiness that won’t allow you to share your success with others and be happy with where you are in life.

So the answer to ‘Can we have it all?” is yes. But you have to know what your definition of ‘it all’ is.

Be at peace with yourself and comfortable with who you are.

Be happy and secure in your relationships with those closest to you.

Constantly grow and improve. Be willing to learn something new every day.

If you can have those three things on a constant basis, you can have it all.

On a side note, we will be taking a break from the Mindset Daily calls. We will still be posting and providing positive mindset principles from time to time. It just won’t be on a daily basis for a while. We will be coming back better than ever to serve you. Our goal right now is to mastermind over the summer months and come back after Labor Day. But you never know. We could be back even sooner with the calls, so stay tuned in.

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Relax In Any Situation, Anytime

Relax AnytimeWith life being the way it is these days, it seems to be harder to relax. We’re all busy with the demands of work, family, life in general due to the pace of life and find it challenging to just let go and truly relax. The ability to relax is like an other skill. It just requires some practice.

Life can be stressful and the more stressed we are, the more distracted we are. And that can keep you from executing any relaxation techniques.

Here is a way that can help you relax in any situation. Even when you feel highly stressed.

Relax in any situation

1. Take slow, deep breaths. Controlling your breathing is an excellent way to control your physiology. When you’re stressed, your breath becomes rapid and shallow. Slow, deep breaths oxygenate your blood, remove carbon dioxide, and change the pH of your blood.

2. Focus on your breathing. Your attention should be on your breathing, not on whatever is causing your stress. Feel the air moving in and out of your body. Any thoughts you have should be about your breathing.

3. Smile. The mere act of smiling has been shown to improve one’s mood. It also makes you more attractive to others.

4. Either close your eyes or focus your vision on a fixed spot. Moving your eyes around increases stress. It’s also sending more sensory information to your brain that needs to be processed, which is distracting.

  • If you’re in a situation that permits closing your eyes, close them. If you’re sitting at a conference table at work, pick a reasonable spot free of movement and gaze there.

5. Sit up straight and rotate your head and your shoulders. Stretch out your shoulders and your neck.

6. Relax your body. Start at one end of your body and focus on relaxing each muscle. Continue until you’ve relaxed every muscle in your body. Now assess your body for any tension. Go back to those spots and relax them again.

7. Go back to focusing on your breathing. Again, your thoughts should only be about breathing. Take control of those thoughts. Thinking about stressful things causes stress!

8. Repeat to yourself, “I am relaxed.” Each time you exhale, repeat the phrase. Continue until you’re completely relaxed.

9. Go back to your previous activity. Focus on your breathing and the activity itself. Avoid thinking about the future or possible negative outcomes. Just perform the task. If you’re sitting on a bus, you should only be thinking about the bus. Breathe and act.

It’s important to use the technique as soon as you start to feel stressed. It is far more challenging to relax when you’re highly stressed than when you’re just mildly stressed. Practice noticing when you’re beginning to feel stressed and then apply the technique immediately.

Perfect your technique in lower stress situations first. Then you can move on to higher stress situations and expect success. It’s no different than learning to play piano. At first, you might be able to play when you’re all alone, but it’s far more difficult to play while 100 people are watching and listening.

Over time, you’ll notice that your ability to relax is almost a reflex. If you use the technique every time you’re stressed, your mind and body will start to do it automatically. This isn’t as far-fetched as it might sound. You already have a habit pattern in place for handling stressful situations. But the one you have might not be working for you.

Try these steps for an entire month. That should be long enough to develop a relaxation habit that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

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