Effective Leadership: A 4 Step Approach

Effective LeadershipLeadership skills are an important part of being an entrepreneur. How you lead your team determines both the quality and quantity of the work you do. These skills can be learned, but it does take time. You need to learn and practice key elements in order to have effective leadership.

Honing these skills is something that will take time and it won’t happen over night. But if you stay consistent in the process of becoming an effective leader you will get there. There are four basic steps to achieve effective leadership.

Four Steps to Effective Leadership

1. Believe in the vision. Knowing and believing are not the same thing. First, knowing the vision of the team and then actually believing in it is perhaps the most significant step toward becoming an effective leader. At the end of the day, leading a team means inspiring the trust of your team members. And the best way to do that is to demonstrate to them that you believe in the vision.

In order to accomplish this, you must first develop a good understanding of what the vision is. Once you have defined and quantified the vision, you must determine whether or not it’s something you can live with and live up to. Next, you must take advantage of every opportunity to “sell” that vision to your team. Show them that you live it and breathe it and eventually they will realize that it is something to grab on to.

2. Be a good team builder. Part of effective leadership is having the support of your team. In choosing your team members, look for people who can understand the vision and support it. Then, identify those who fit the roles they will be required to fill. Be careful to select the team members based on merit, and not emotions. Sometimes, but thankfully not often, when people recognize that you have given them an opportunity based on an emotional position, they may try to take advantage to gain favored status with you. You want to be surrounded by team members who know that they have been given an opportunity based on merit and by past performance.

3. Be a good negotiator. Once you have gained the trust of your team members, your next step is to master your negotiation skills. As a leader, this means that not only will you need to spend time negotiating with the team members to get the best results that can be achieved, but you also need to learn to be successful in your external negotiations working for the best interest of your unit.

And, always remember to negotiate fairly so that others know that they can continue to trust you in the future. Negotiate smartly.

4. Be a good delegator. Identifying an ideal team is a success all by itself. You start out knowing that the people that you have taken the time to select are capable of excelling in the tasks assigned. Now, it’s up to you to assign each of the tasks effectively. Becoming a good delegator will involve the following activities:

- Studying the strengths of each team player so you can effectively match the tasks with their skill set.

- Analyzing the potential success capabilities of your team so you can make a wise choice when assigning responsibilities.

You can build and be an effective leader of a strong team. Perhaps even a team of leaders. When looking for people to work with and building a team, look for those that possess leadership skills. These people have certain traits that you can look for. Here are 23 of those traits:

  1. Honesty.
  2. Focus.
  3. Passion.
  4. Respect.
  5. Excellent persuasion abilities.
  6. Confidence.
  7. Clarity.
  8. Care.
  9. Integrity.
  10. Compassion.
  11. Shared vision and actions.
  12. Engagement.
  13. Celebration
  14. Humility.
  15. Empowering.
  16. Collaborative.
  17. Communicative.
  18. Fearlessness.
  19. Genuine.
  20. Self-awareness.
  21. Leverage team strengths.
  22. Leadership transitions.
  23. Supportive.

There are certainly more traits that leaders have. But the bottom line here is that there is one person you know that has these traits available to them. And that person is you!

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