Feel Stuck and Unable to Move Forward?

Feeling StuckThere are times that we feel like we’re stuck in a rut or a cycle that we can’t seem to break out of. Have you ever been there?

You find yourself asking, ‘How did I get here?’, or ‘Why is this happening to me?’ You find yourself with feelings of bitterness, sadness and depression. And then that leads you to feelings of anger, rage, and frustration. You find yourself in a cycle or rut and don’t see a way out. You feel like you’re stuck.

You’re caught in a cycle of why. The pattern of your thinking is what’s keeping you stuck in this cycle. You’re focused on why you feel the way you do. Some people think that the way out is things like drinking, eating, or any other binge that takes their mind off of being stuck. But in the end, they find themselves still in that cycle of why. Now they’re asking why they started drinking, eating or went on what ever binge they’re on.

The cycle looks like what’s called a crazy 8 or the infinity symbol. Crazy 8

How to Move Forward From Being Stuck

Every time you cross the why point you have to ask yourself the right questions. The reason you’re stuck in this cycle is that you are asking the wrong questions.

There are two questions you can ask yourself that will help free you from being stuck.

  1. Is this helping me move forward??
  2. What do I need to do to take care of myself right now??

By asking these questions instead of why you feel the way you do or why is this happening to me, you give yourself the chance to break out of the rut. If what’s happening is not helping you move forward, you now know that you need to ask the second question. Don’t worry about what others might be thinking of you. The key is to take care of yourself! It may be that what ever the situation is, it might require outside help from a friend or perhaps even professional help and guidance.

Don’t stay stuck! Life is too short and is meant to be lived to it’s fullest. Love Life, Live Live, Live it Big and Live it NOW!


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